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Equipment and Features We Offer

Our company offers state of the art camera cars, trucks, quads, camera arms and supports. Here is just a short list of features. Featuring the SCORPIO ARM.


  • Gyro stabilization in the TILT axis.

  • Available different arm configurations: 12’, 14’, 18’.

  • Waterproof.

  • Limits, speed and damping control are available from the

    control desk.

  • Controlled from joystick situated inside the car.

  • Send the position of each axis constantly like a Motion Capture.

  • Record and repeat all movements of each axis like a Motion


  • Go to a fixed position with switch for safety purpouses.

  • PAN and TILT motors are the same.

  • Powered by 36V batteries.

  • PAN speed: 5.5 s/rev

  • Maximum Payload: 70kg (154 lbs).

  • Max. Weight with maximum payload and standard configuration

    (12’): 365kg (805 lbs).

  • Total weight without payload and counterweight (12’): 175kg (385 lbs) ​

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