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The Scorpio Arm


  • Gyro stabilization in the TILT axis.

  • Available different arm configurations: 12’, 14’, 18’.

  • Waterproof.

  • Limits, speed and damping control are available from the

    control desk.

  • Controlled from joystick situated inside the car.

  • Send the position of each axis constantly like a Motion Capture.

  • Record and repeat all movements of each axis like a Motion


  • Go to a fixed position with switch for safety purpouses.

  • PAN and TILT motors are the same.

  • Powered by 36V batteries.

  • PAN speed: 5.5 s/rev

  • Maximum Payload: 70kg (154 lbs).

  • Max. Weight with maximum payload and standard configuration

    (12’): 365kg (805 lbs).

  • Total weight without payload and counterweight (12’): 175kg (385 lbs) ​

Mercedes ML55 AMG



High speed pursuit car. Ideal for race tracks, highways and city shots.

The ' Mini Cooper'

The size, maneuverability and quickness of the car allows the driver to get in and out of tight situations. Tight alleys, streets, or the open road. This is one of the most exciting vehicles in our line-up. Known for it's quick speed and incredible maneuverability.

To move the camera from front to back takes only minutes and whether you are under or over swung with camera, it only takes seconds to go from deck up to 6'.



Camera Quad Car
Whether your filming a foot, bicycle, motorcycle or car chase, this camera quad does it all. K/O's Camera Quad is perfect in narrow situations. K/O is able to get those exciting shots like no other.

  • Tow dolly shots.

  • Extremely smooth, on or off road.

  • Two seats; accommodates cameraman and focus puller.

  • Equipped for steady cam shots.

  • Front and Rear hard mounts.

  • Equipped for stabilizing heads.

  • Height adjustable 2 inches - 5 feet from the ground.

Stealth Truck




The State of the Art Camera Truck that does it all. 50 mph on the street or 90 mph+ across the desert. Extremely smooth on all types of surfaces. Designed and built for your safety and comfort.

  • Four link suspension with 36 inches of travel.

  • Full roll cage protection.

  • Five racing seats with five point harnesses.

  • Fully enclosed cab wtih heating and air conditioning.

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